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Health benefits of therapeutic exercise - 07/11/2019

Therapeutic exercise comprises a type of specific practice that contributes to correcting bodily ailments, alleviating symptoms, promoting recovery from injuries and slowing down the deterioration of physical health.
These types of activities must be prescribed by a professional and can be either global exercises or specific exercises for different parts of the body, depending on the physical condition and needs of each patient.
Objectives of therapeutic exercise:
The main objective of a therapeutic exercise routine is to achieve the optimal level of body movements, patterns, postures and physical activities. Specifically, the exercises are designed with the objectives of:
  • Improve and/or restore the patient's physical function.
  • Prevent loss of function.
  • Restore affected functional abilities.
  • Prevent and reduce motor disability.
  • Contribute to the maintenance of physical fitness and a better general state of health.
Main benefits of therapeutic exercise:
It may be mistakenly thought that the benefits of therapeutic exercise are only visible during patient rehabilitation. However, it is also a great ally in improving the general physical condition of the recipient.
Here are the main benefits of its practice:
  • It speeds up recovery from physical injury.
  • Improves mobility and balance.
  • Prevents physical injuries, including sports injuries.
  • Reduces or eliminates muscle and joint pain.
  • It reduces and prevents physical problems related to ageing or health conditions, such as pregnancy, postpartum, etc.
  • It can avoid surgery on many occasions, or contribute to a quicker and more effective post-surgical recovery.
  • It helps in the acquisition of good postural habits.
  • It helps to reduce stress, depression and fatigue.
  • It works and improves respiratory capacity.
  • It improves the quality of sleep.
Finally, we must insist that to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment it is very important to follow the professional's guidelines at all times, respecting the exercise and rest times.