Clinical Reasoning and Diagnosis in Physiotherapy

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As physiotherapists, one of the greatest difficulties we encounter in our clinical practice is to be able to carry out a caring process that allows us to put forward the different, plausible and diagnostic hypotheses about the case, as well as to establish a logical and orderly process for judiciously ruling out the least compatible options according to the patient's characteristics, their appearance and behavior in the user's daily life, the time they have lived with pain and disability, and the beliefs they have about what has happened.

Finally, in the field of physical examination, we are interested in being able to select the orthopedic and functional tests that would lead us to the most probable option, bearing in mind that the order of the maneuvers could also lead a physiotherapist into error if they are not selected with judgement.


  • To acquire the ability to generate diagnostic hypotheses based on prevalent clinical cases in disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system.
  • To acquire the ability to select the best diagnostic hypothesis based on clinical reasoning in physiotherapy.


  • How to interpret the characteristics of pain through its clinical presentation:
  • How to connect its characteristics with the most representative red flags according to category 
  •  If the case allows to move from care to treatment

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Rafel Donat

Diploma in Physiotherapy. Collegiate number 1510. Expert in neuromusculoskeletal manual therapy. Doctor in E-learning Educational Technology and Knowledge Management. Professor and Coordinator of the Final Degree Project of Physiotherapy Studies at the Faculty of Health Sciences of Manresa University and Vic University (UVic- UCC). Expert in clinical reasoning and active researcher in projects on prevention and rehabilitation of Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries at Gribipofet in Manresa University.




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