Neuropathies in sports

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Neuropathies in sports are quite common although they can be masked within other entities. A correct assessment will allow us to evaluate the degree of involvement of the nervous system in the disorder and will guide us on the treatment to choose.

  • To describe the most prevalent areas of conflict in hip neuropathies.
  • To describe common signs and symptoms.
  • To perform a correct neurological examination and assessment.
  • To design a correct treatment according to the established objectives.



  • Gluteus maximus
  • Sciatic vs piriformis variations
  • Common peroneal nerve
  • Superficial peroneal nerve
  • Sural nerve
  • Tibial nerve

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Carles Munné

Physiotherapist collegiate number 2760 with specialized training in Neurodynamics. Full University Professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences of Manresa University and Vic University. Postgraduate Program in Manual Therapy at EFOM-Paris University and EUIF Blanquerna University (Barcelona). Master’s Degree in Prevention of Occupational Hazards.



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