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ONLINE COURSE: ''Pilates Method for Physiotherapists'' with YOSLINOVA NAVARRO

20-hour training with which you will learn the use of the Floor Pilates Method as a preventive and corrective method of postures and pathologies. Access to the campus with high quality videos of the techniques.

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More information


START: June 21, 2021

The course will be available for 18 months from the beginning of the course and you can go through it when you consider it appropriate, at your own pace.


20 hours

The estimated time to complete the course is one month, but you will have it available for 18 months so that you can learn at the pace you want.


Depending on the country where you live, you will have the price in euros or in dollars
125€ / 150$


This course is aimed at physiotherapists and physiotherapy students.

  • Notes in PDF format
  • High quality videos
    • Theory videos
    • Videos of practical demonstrations of the techniques
  • Resolution of doubts with the teacher during the 18 months
  • Exam
  • Multi-device access
  • Diploma

Course language
The online course is taught in English

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  • 1. History and Definition of the Pilates method
  • 2. Fundamental principles of Pilates and benefits.
  • 3. Anatomy in the application of the Pilates Method.
    • Biomechanics of the diaphragm
    • Biomechanics of the abdominal muscles
    • Biomechanics of the pelvic floor
    • Biomechanics of the scapular girdle
    • Biomechanics of the posterior muscles (Lumbar square, psoas) Lateral and medial muscles.
  • 4. Class structure
    • 4.1 Clinical History / Anamnesis
    • 4.2 Static and dynamic postural evaluation / Functional and objective tests.
  • 5. Essential Exercises
    • 5.1 Indications
  • 6. Intermediate Exercises
    • 6.1 Indications
  • 7. Advanced Exercises
    • 7.1 Indications
  • 8. Overview and session planning.



Training the physiotherapist in the Pilates method is undoubtedly a very useful and valuable tool within functional and therapeutic exercise. In this course you will learn to integrate the foundations of the fundamental principles of joint pilates to the principles of rehabilitation and adapt them to different pathologies, allowing us to work the body in all positions in a more conscious, controlled and adapted way as required by each patient.

As we already know, Pilates improves muscle balance, biomechanics and biotensegrity of the musculoskeletal system, allowing us to use exercises as a tool to treat numerous pathologies, correct postures, increase strength, joint stability, prevent injuries and / or prepare an athlete if so it is required.



Train the physiotherapist in the use of the Floor Pilates Method to incorporate it as a tool not only for carrying out physical activities but also as a preventive and corrective method of postures and pathologies.

Specific objectives:

  • Train the physiotherapist in the knowledge of biomechanics to facilitate the performance of the exercise.
  • Design rehabilitation and injury prevention programs for different pathologies.
  • Be able to propose different session levels following the progressions and / or regressions to adapt them to the patient, depending on the postural and / or specific needs of each patient.



The course is divided into episodes and each one of them forms a lesson.

The lessons consist of a set of videos about the theoretical part and different videos with the practical demonstrations of the techniques.

The student will have access to the course from the date indicated and will have 18 months to complete it. To pass the training, you must watch and study all audiovisual content and pass the final exam.

The course lasts 20 hours, which correspond to the visualization of the different chapters, the study of the notes in PDF format and the completion of the exam. Therefore, the student must carry out active work at home in order to pass the training.


Here's an example of the lessons you'll find on campus:

Finally, in the following tutorial you can see what the platform is like and the sections that make up the course:

Solve doubts with the teacher

Once you have enrolled in the course, you will be able to resolve any doubts that may arise with the teacher.


The best professionals

Yoslinova Navarro
Graduated in Physiotherapy.
Mézières method postgraduate at the UIC.
Certified Pilates Teacher Method Alliance (Pilates Method Alliance).
Pilates Technical Coordinator and Instructor. (therapeutic- pregnant- postpartum, therapeutic, among others) at Centro Dona10 (Barcelona).
Trainer of professionals in the Pilates method, floor and machines with the Pilates10academy school. Barcelona, ​​Spain.
Clinical experience as a physiotherapist in different physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers.

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Depending on the country where you live, you will find the course price in euros or in dollars
Course price: 125€ / 150$

Common questions

Yes, the course will be available for 18 months from the start day and you can take it whenever you consider appropriate.

Yes, in addition to the notes in PDF format, the courses include multi-device access videos

Yes, our online training methodology is designed in such a way that once you have enrolled in the course, you can resolve any doubts that may arise with the teacher.


To obtain the diploma after completing the online course, you must:

1. Take a multiple-choice exam (you will have 45 minutes).

2. Obtain a minimum grade of 50/100.

In case of failing the exam, you can take it again after 48 hours (you can only repeat it once). We will notify you by e-mail when this time has elapsed.

No, since we check that you meet one of these requirements before giving you access to the online course.